Websites and download Manager

Somehow the DTPO logic is not quite mine :wink:

From the manual:

To download a website or any other file, simply add it to the Download
Manager by dragging its URL to the Download Manager panel. (I use: Subdirectory (Complete))

It imports stuff, I see folders on the desktop, But there is nothing in DTPO self, not even in the root or in the folder I’ve chosen. One would expect an imported website to be visible inside DTPO, right?

What is / am I doing wrong?


So, no reply eh :wink:

Then, can anybody tell me how their Download Manager works? Could you give it a try and tell me how you do it?



The option to add such downloaded items to a database is not active in DEVONthink 2.0 beta1, as noted in the Upgrader’s Guide.

Thanks Bill, I guess it pays to RTFUG :blush: