There used to be a Uk based software company that just disappeared off the face of the planet earlier in the year. They used to make an application called Worksrtip you might remember it ? but they also made an application called Webstractor (AKA The Web researcher’s dream).


It made any HTML page editable so you could click and drag to remove chunks of web content as you wanted. This kind of functionality would be a great addition to DTPro.

Did you know that you can do that already in DT Pro? Just select an element or text string while viewing a captured HTML page and press Delete. The selected material is gone.

Bold is rather like shouting.

Yes, I was aware that you can cut away at captured HTML but it’s very hit and miss and doesn’t have the professional edge that a proper editable tool would bring to DTPro
( One is a hacksaw, I’m suggesting a surgeon’s knife).

shouting is shouting, bold is just a type width.

Perhaps that would be nice, but it’s unlikely to become a development priority in the next year or two.

I’ve been pleased that so many sites, especially journals and news media, have altered their page layout to make it easy to select just the content of an article, or have provided a “printer-friendly” alternative page view for that purpose.

I like the efficiency of rich text captures of the desired information content only (including graphics), leaving out ads and other extraneous material on a Web page.

Is there any good reason you continue to post with distracting bold and italics after you’ve been asked politely not to, several times in different threads?

Frankly, your selfishly immature behavior in this friendly, helpful forum community is a bummer. Bill and others who’ve kindly tried helping you have the patience of saints.