Weekly reminder gets active every six days

I did wait for another week to make sure that I did not mess something up and now I can confirm it wasn’t me:

I set up a reminder to weekly on every Sunday at 5 am and it started last Sunday. Surprisingly it became active yesterday (Saturday) afternoon (zipping a backup of my main database). Then I set it manually to the this morning. It worked but the next due time displayed is again next Saturday.

So I suppose somewhere is a +1 missing.

Could you please post a screenshot of the Reminder’s settings? And what’s the first day of the week on your system - Sunday or Monday? Thank you.

Oh this is so embarrassing. I picked the right date in the Reminder and I had set it to weekly.

My week begins on Monday so I clicked on the right-most “S” which therefore must mean Sunday. Right? No, not right. One proper look would have told me that there is another “S” on the left … and the letter before the right-most “S” is not another “S” but an “F” for Friday.

So there actually is a +1 missing to even out the zero crouching behind my Mac. Did I already say “embarrassing”?


Indeed that would be Saturday, right… uh, after Friday :wink: