Weird behavior when my iPhone is connected to my desktop


Today, I happened to have my iPhone connected to my computer (for reasons having nothing to do with DT3), when I needed to scan some documents into a database. When I went to the Import section of the sidebar, my iPhone showed up as a device, but it kept appearing and reappearing and actually seemed to interfere with the my ability to work with the documents I scanned into DT3. When I tried to save them to the location I wanted, it just didn’t work.

I don’t know if these two things are connected, but even if they are not, the appearing and disappearing of the iPhone under devices does not seem right.

Oh, I had iPhotos and iTunes open at the time, in case that is relevant. (I am running macOS 10.15.5)


I am not able to reproduce this behavior here. Does it recur if you disconnect and reconnect the device?

I fixed the problem. It was a bad cable. Thanks.


Ahh… that makes sense. Thanks for the follow-up!