Weird bug: Converting/OCR-ing PNG images to PDF delivers skewed / rotated results

I’m importing a bunch of .png website screenshots (1200px wide and multiples long). When importing them several of them are skewed to the left (rotated 10-15% degrees). It’s like somebody put them under the photocopier slightly wrong… Any idea what could be causing this?

I’m on macOS 11.13.1 / DT 3.7.2

First report I’ve seen. Try disabling Preferences > OCR > Auto correct: Deskew and reimport a problematic file or two.

Yes - that works. No idea why, but apparently the algorithm thinks they’re skewed and tries to correct (maybe a single pixel throws it off because the .pngs are so long?). Anyways - fixed. Thanks.

Is there a border on the PDF, e.g., the body of the content in a box down the middle of the PDF?

Yes - there’s a white column / box on a beige background (standard LinkedIN page format)