Weird bug

I have a plain text, made on the Mac and synced to the iPod Touch.

The text is simple – it just has the title


and body


(yes, these are correct).

If I now create a new plain text on the iPod Touch and type simply


slowly, then the “Your Documents” back button, the title displayed on the iPod touch is all as expected. If however I type Testing slowly, and the Ipod tries to correct the spelling to say Tesying, but I force it correct it to Testing, then pressing the “Your Documents” back button results in the title displaying


and the fainter text below showing


This is repeatable.

This looks to be caused by the plain text autosaving after one second. I’ll take a look and see what I can do about it.

Since the autosave title is just going to be the first line of the text anyway, why not wait till the user has actually hit Enter, or a pretty good amount of time has gone by? It’s annoying to race to beat the autosave or else end up with the wrong title.

Also, why do folders start out being called Untitled, which I then have to manually delete? Is there anyone who actually wants to call things Untitled?

This is particularly annoying. Not that it’s called “Untitled” to begin with, but that the default text is not selected for immediately typing over and there is no ‘x’ to clear the field.