Weird characters showing up in export

Hi all,

I did several searches on this in the forums but did not see my issue. I apologize if it has been covered.

When I export text files from DTP, they will sometimes show up with weird characters replacing my double-quotes, dashes, or other strings. I usually open these in TextEdit. I’m guessing I am using different encoding systems-- how do I coordinate them?

Dave L

Check the plain text encoding option set in Preferences > Import - Files.

Thanks, Bill. What setting should I choose that plays nice with Mac’s TextEdit?

Check to make sure you’ve got compatible settings in DEVONthink’s Preferences > Import - File - plain text encoding and in TextEdit’s Preferences > Open and Save - Plain text encoding.

I have “Automatic” settings and that works for me. Depending on your computer’s settings for language, etc., you may need to experiment.

Thanks again, Bill. I have mine set to automatic as well but I will experiment.