weird email archiving issue

I downloaded DT office pro, and archived 1352 emails with attachments from entourage with no problem. However, when I went to put a copy of the new DB on the server, it wouldn’t copy about 460 of those files and stopped dead. I seem to have traced the problem to the “From” field in some/many/all(?) of the emails, which creates a long line of (clickable) code like this one: mailto:jsr29@xxxxxxxx.netsubject=Re%20Atta%20martyrdom%20video$in-repryto=%3C000301c635eaf$99c3…etc I shoud note that the server is a windows server in my office. I have no trouble copying the database from one mac to another. Is it that the code is somehow too long (?) for windows, and is there any workaround?

If I turn the emails into text files I would lose the attachments, which were the reason for the archiving. I don’t need the emails & could open and archive every attachment individually, but this would defeat the purpose of the quick one-shot process…


We have to use these long filenames (mostly because we need to support Panther). You could export these files and write a script or use an Automator action to rename them to something shorter that XP might support (although NTFS should have no problems with these).

the poroblem is that there are potentially so many of them, and they are not listed when the copying breaks down–only the first one that hangs up is. How can I find them (all), since they are em bedded in the massive email archive? Is there any central place where they are stored…

You need the original filenames if you want the duplicate mail detection mechanism to work. So if you want to run your database on a remote Windows volume, I’m not sure if that is a good idea when it doesn’t support long filenames. This is regardless of the MailImport plugin of course.