Were these excluded from DTPO Beta's Advanced Search Window?

What happened to the ability in DTPO Beta to search for a phrase or use wildcards in the advanced search window?

Where is the case sensitive selection?

I tried searching this forum for the answer, but didn’t find this issue?

All searches in DEVONthink 2 are case insensitive.

But searches in general are far more powerful and faster than in DEVONthink 1.

To search for a phrase, enclose the string within quotation marks. Unlike in DEVONthink 1, you are not limited to a single phrase, and can include phrases with other terms, including Wildcards. Complex queries can be created using a simple syntax, including segmenting sections of the query within parentheses to ‘tell’ DEVONthink 2 how to parse the query.

Check the online documentation in the Help menu. Press Help, then enter a search for ‘search operators’. There’s a description in the Appendix that provides an overview of the operators (a number of new ones) and the simple syntax.

There’s discussion about it in this thread:

Search (boolean) in DTPO 2

Also in a slightly older protected beta forum thread so I won’t post its link, just my remark from it:

Darn. Case-sensitive searching is frequently useful (to me).

Thank you to both of you. Damn, why didn’t I think of the Help file. Duh.