What are current best practices for splitting PDFs in DTPO?

I found a few mentions here from back in 2005, with lots of external tools being used. Are there ways to split up and repackage PDFs as easy as Preview within DTPO? Or should I definitely plan on doing that work externally? I brought in 10s of GB of PDFs in all sorts of clusters, including some long scan collections that really were always meant to be split into individual pages. I now want to bring them into a more productive order in DTPO, especially given that a lot of them are handwritten notes and really need better titles to make them searchable and groupable.



You can split PDFs by selecting the last page in the sequence plus one. For example, if you want the first ten pages, select page 11, then choose Edit > Split PDF (or right-click the page and choose it from the context menu).

  • The current document will retain the desired pages.
  • A copy of the document will contain the balance of the pages, which obviously can be split again.

Oh fantastic, that is so simple, and I wasn’t able to locate that. Thanks for the swift response – I’ll set in motion to do this immediately.

No problem. Happy splitting! :smiley: