What are differences between Scansnap 500 and 510?

I’m looking for a cheap scansnap (<$300) and I see that there are S500M models around some used/refurb sites and am wondering what additions or improvements were made on the S510M.

Also, if anyone has a 500 or 510 that they want to get rid of, contact me. Max $300 incl shipping.



S510 is definitely faster and beefier. I think it may be more robust as well but that’s just my limited experience with the S500 wearing out for a friend.

I’d keep my eyes peeled on the new S1500 as well. Sure it’s gonna be $460 at your “local” discount online retailers but who knows Fuj may offer a rebate.

@ rmurchison: thanks. I’m not sure about the faster bit since they both output using USB2 and both spec at 18ppm. Fast isn’t a necessity for me as I’m not going to force-feed 2000 docs a day into this thing.

Beefier and more robust? In what ways do you think?

I just found an S500M for about $150 and that’s PDG for a scanner with ADF. I can live with less beef and robustness, I can live with slower for that kind of price.

Yeah that’s a damn good price.

Well the beefier part is simply from the heft of the machine. My assumption is they made some internal changes for the 510 series.