What are the cons of importing as and working (deleting, editing, highlighting) in html?


I have tested all options to import web pages using bookmarklets and have come to prefer the html format for 2 reasons: WYSIWYG (*) and the ease with which one can edit, mostly delete it abridge the content of the html converted page, as well as highlight.

Since many people use other formats, meaning that html is not an obvious solution for them, I was wondering if I could regret using html. Are there any inconveniences that could cause me to regret this approach in the future ? As I click on links and navigate to and from the html page, is there any risk that my annotations / editions be deleted ?

I would also like to mention that DevonThink’s save as HTML is superb compared to other apps. With DevonThink, all the formatting is preserved. With other apps, I see gross distortions (giant icons, etc)

Sorry if it is a dumb question

thanks in advance for your time and help

(*) what you see is what you get - I mention this for non english speakers

Simply viewing & navigating HTML pages doesn’t change them. In addition, as HTML is a standard file format, it’s also compatible to other apps & platforms (contrary to web archives).

However, a major disadvantage is of course that linked resources (e.g. scripts, stylesheets, images etc.) are not part of the page but loaded. And if the resources shouldn’t be available anymore, then HTML page won’t render as expected anymore and/or stop working.

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exactly the information I was looking for thank you Christian !