What causes Split option to be greyed out?

I scanned a mixed collection of documents using the ScanSnap into a single large file . This large file is now in the Inbox of DTP2b4.

Now I want to split the pages out into smaller subdocuments (e.g. 4 pages of a letter, one page of a receipt, 10 pages of a manual etc.) using the Thumbnails and the EDIT>Split Document command. However it’s greyed out when I select the thumbnails.

How can I use the command on a document and what causes it to be greyed out?

The command should be available if the document is not read-only, is not indexed, is not locked and after selecting not the first page.

Christian - my apologies this was user error on my part. I intended posting an update on this but then suffered a browser crash. I was wrongly selecting multiple pages and finding the option disabled - I should, of course, only have been placing the cursor on one page and then invoking the Split command. It then works fine.

However I appear to have one real problem - I noticed that as I was splitting some largish documents (c. 180mb) into smaller ones that periodically the larger part of the document (i.e. after the split) would simply dissappear from the database entirely leaving only the smaller pre-split piece.

Am I doing something else wrong or is there an issue with using Split on largish documents?

The size shouldn’t matter. Please check the “All PDF documents” smart group and the inbox of the database.