What changes in Leopard?

Since Preview (and therefore PDFKit, I assume) is now capable of annotating and highlight PDFs, is this a feature that will be available in DTP anytime soon?

Are there any changes that come with an upgrade to Leopard or is it pretty much business as usual?

The Leopard update will be a maintenance update. However, the new functionality in Leopard’s PDFkit will be used in the next major release of DEVONthink, on which we’re already working. Annotations are definitely high on the feature list!

Zedboy, there’s an interim workaround.

You can open a PDF in your database under Preview, annotate the file and save it. (Imported PDFs are in the Files folder inside the database package file and the edited PDF will be saved there.)

If you don’t immediately see the edit changes from within your database, select the PDF and choose File > Synchronize.

Another great thing about Preview under Leopard is that documents from any application that are “printed as PDF” and saved to your database now contain working hyperlinks.

Hmm? I’m not seeing this. I printed this to PDF: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Albuquerque%2C_New_Mexico
and tried both a drag-and-drop import and a direct import through the “Save to DEVONthink Pro.scpt” gadget, and I’m not seeing any hyperlinks. Did I misunderstand?

Hmm, indeed.

I just saved that page as PDF to my database under Leopard.

The hyperlinkis are, for some reason, not identified by the “blue” convention.

But they are there, hundreds of them. Just hover your cursor over terms of interest. The links do work.

I don’t know why the hyperlinks are not identified by format cues on your example page. They are displayed in blue font on other pages I captured in the same way.

I bet it’s the “print” CSS setting that Wikipedia has in order to leave out all of the extraneous crap on their site. I suppose it turns all links black for appearances’ sake.

That’s pretty fantastic. I do a lot of article-grabbing on Wikipedia, so I think I can just define a user CSS that leaves the links blue and then printing should work normally.

Thanks for noting the improvement to Leopard’s PDFKit.

Edit: Cripes. I can change the user css, but it insists on using the MediaWiki commonPrint.css for printing. Lame.

A new feature in Mail under Leopard is that hyperlinks to mail messages can be obtained, stay valid as mail messages are moved to other folders, and be used to open the message automagically later.

iGTD supports this (the “F-key trick”), and it works beautifully.

Any chance of this making its way into the Leopard release?? Or some Javascript/ Applescript that will do the magic for us?

Thanks and regards,

The current Leopard-ready beta of DEVONthink supports this, however it will be regarded as an unknown document type. If you’ll need to search its contents you’ll still need to import it using the Pro Office mail importer.

Hmmm. Well, given that the author of (the free) iGTD provided the facility with his Leopard update very few days after Leopard was released, it can’t be too difficult. I have DevonThink Pro (not Office), but even had I Office, I think having to do an “import” is rather clumsy by comparison.

I experimented with creating a new link entry in DT, using the link from iGTD (e.g. “message://<2908C957-4F37-440C-B5D8-CF61C0C9EA96@myDomain.com>”, and as you suggested, it complains when I try to follow the link about “unknown document type”

It’s a very useful addition to any app in the knowledge management space: sure would be nice if DTP provided it.


But I wrote that we are supporting this in the upcoming release. The link does not provide us with the contents of the message and therefore you cannot index it as you would a message imported through our Mail Importer. But if you click on it you’ll be transferred back to Mail.