What determines where captured web pages are stored?

I use DEVON 3 as an RSS Feed reader, often based on an RSS feed generated by a standing alert (e.g. Google Alerts allows one to generate an RSS link, which works quite well with DEVON 3).
However, I notice that when I’m looking through the results, and find a webpage that I would like to capture (e.g. as a web archive, markdown file or a bookmark, the resulting captured file will
(a) sometimes go into the group that contains the RSS ‘group’, and
(b) other times will be placed at the highest (root) level of the database.

I’ve looked at a number of situations, and I cannot for the life of me figure out what combination of exclusions (from classificaiton, tagging, …) or other settings will cause the the phenomenon in (b) above. What am I missing?

  • Rich

A point of clarification:
when I have done a search, and the RSS messages are the source to be captured, or I follow a URL from that note, and then try to capture the page, where it ends up seems to be somewhat random.

  • Rich

If I capture an RSS article or the linked article when browsing in the feed itself, the captures are always going to to root of the database.