What dictates whether or not a website will clip as a PDF with DTPO?

I’ve had a few instances recently where I have tried to clip to DTPO (using the Safari extension) as a PDF, but it has come in as Bookmark instead. I’m assuming that this is due to something server-side, but is there any way to tell in advance whether or not I will be able to PDF it, or is it something I just have to try and see?

Thanks in advance.

Dynamic web pages which require user interaction might not be completely captured (e.g. many websites load now images only while scrolling to reduce the server load). But usually it should be possible to capture all webpages as long as the server responds. If that’s not the case and a restart of DEVONthink and/or the computer doesn’t fix this, then some example URLs would be useful. Thanks!

Thanks for the info. I’ll do a restart (it’s been a while!) and then if I notice the same behaviour down the track I’ll post an example and see if it can be replicated.