What does "File > Import > References from Bookends > Attachments" do..?

I haven’t been able to find information about this question (What does “File > Import > References from Bookends > Attachments” do?) anywhere, including the DT manual – sorry if I’ve missed it.

I’m considering migrating from Zotero to Bookends, and hence am exploring Bookends as well as Bookends <–> DT integration (using test folders so far, not my production references). I have:

  • The (test) Bookends attachment folder indexed in DT

  • The (test) Bookends references imported into DT via “File > Import > References from Bookends > All”.

However, when I run “File > Import > References from Bookends > Attachments”, I get a progress bar that says it’s importing the correct number of attachments, but this does not appear to lead to any output anywhere that I can find in DT.

My two questions are:

  1. What is “File > Import > References from Bookends > Attachments” supposed to do when the Bookends Attachment folder is NOT already indexed by DT?

  2. Could it be that is is not doing that because I already have the Bookends Attachment folder indexed by DT?

Thanks in advance for any help!

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File > Import > References from Bookends… imports references from the selected Bookends group and “Attachments” is just another group. But this command does never import or index attachments.

From Help > Documentation > Menus > The File Menu

@cgrunenberg — thanks for that explanation, that helps me understand it better.

@BLUEFROG — yes, I had read that part of the manual, as I stated in my post, but it did not help me understand different behaviors for “All” vs “Attachments”.

Ahh… understood.