What does locking of a Folder/File do?

What does locking of a Folder/File in DEVONthink do? I skimmed through the doco (and through the Take Control book), but I couldn’t find much explanation on it.

I know the Finder offers locking as well, but what does the mechanism in DEVONthink do?

Many thanks for any details!

It makes a record read only, i.e you can’t change the text. It doesn’t prevent moving, changing the label, tags, custom meta data etc.

Kind of. In fact, you can still open the record in an external app and modify it there. Which is not exactly what I’d call “read-only” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

To me, it seems more like a hint than a lock. Especially since modifying metadata is not blocked. I’d vote for a read-only setting on the file system level instead.

Like this? :wink:

Possibly. Though I’m not sure that this does really do what I mean. It seems that a locked file can still be moved around in the file system, which is not exactly “prevent changing”. OTOH, removing write-permission on the file system level would prevent this kind of change.
Edit: However, a file with only read-permission can be moved to another folder on the same disk. To prevent that, the enclosing folder would have to be read-only, too.

Thanks for all the info and details.

As a bottom line locking an item in DEVONthink seems to do the following:

  • It prevents DEVONthink itself from changing the content of the item.
  • DEVONthink can still change name, location and metadata of the item.
  • Other apps can still change the content (and all filesytem-level metadata) of the item.

And emptying the trash will show a special warning if the trash contains locked items.