What does * mean in Open Databases

What does the asterisk mean? It eventually disappears.

Screenshot of DEVONthink 3 (6-8-20, 5-31-01 PM)

I looked in “Iconology” and didn’t find this one.

This is the database shown in the active section of the Navigate sidebar.

… but, why? It’s obvious already what’s open …


Just a visual marker, especially if the active database section is collapsed.

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how did you make these icons?

Yeah, cool icons

This is OT, so will get lost, but here goes. I have a large library of icons, and I use them or emoji. In either case, get the icon or the emoji onto the clipboard. Do this by opening the icon file in Preview, selecting it all, and copying the image. (I usually use whatever size is closest to 64px square icons to avoid clipping.) Or use the macOS character viewer to find and copy an emoji.

Select the database’s .dtBase2 “file” in Finder. Open Finder’s “Get Info” panel. Select the file’s icon in the upper left corner:

Screenshot of Finder (6-10-20, 6-21-10 AM)

With the copied icon on the clipboard, paste it, and it will replace the default icon shown in the image above. The database file listing in Finder will now display that icon instead of the default, and DEVONthink will pick up the change and display it internally.

For example, the finished paste

Screenshot of Finder (6-10-20, 6-25-54 AM)

and as it appears in DEVONthink 3

Screenshot of DEVONthink 3 (6-10-20, 6-27-45 AM)

I also change group icons in DEVONthink similarly. Extra credit for figuring out what panel in DEVONthink to use for that.

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good stuff, thx