What does "Never have to purchase again" mean?

The 2.0 announcement includes the following about upgrades:

I’m confused about the first sentence. If I already own DT 1.x, I have no worries because I’ll never have to purchase the application that I already own again? To me that means I’ll never have to pay for any future upgrades?

Yet the next paragraph says only purchasers after 7/1/08 are eligible for free upgrades and buyers before that date need to pay for upgrades. So what exactly is the meaning of the first sentence then?

I too wondered about this. I suppose it just means that you don’t have to purchase Devonthink again. Instead, you have to pay for the upgrade (if you want it).

I myself will be hoping to upgrade, and would love to think that the upgrade is reasonably priced. Did I imagine it, or did I see some reference to 20 euro or thereabouts? If that’s the price, I will not complain, since the new version, even in its beta form is a significant improvement, and seems set to improve even further before release.


I’m confused too. :confused: I got one email yesterday that states:

I then just an email today stating:

I was sent a serial for DTPO 2, but was confused about the second email I received today.

The second email probably contains the correct license code. :slight_smile:

What I meant is: You don’t have to purchase DEVONthink again for the full price like Apple or Filemaker force you to – they don’t offer upgrades. We do.

To clarify what I think is intended:

If you already own DT 1.x you can continue using it and receive all future 1.x updates without any additional purchases.