What exactly is 'Markdown'?

I do not lnow whether or not this is the correct Forum for this question, apologies if not. There have been a number of posts recently that mention ‘Markdown’ and I really do not know what exactly ‘Markdown’ is so can some kind soul please enloghten me? I do know that it is somehow related to programming but some of the forum entries seem to hint that it could be used as an alternative word processor, is this the case and if so are there such things as Markdown applications out there? (Offside remark, I do hate the abbreviation “App” :unamused: ). Thanks.

See daringfireball.net/projects/markdown/

Christian pointed you to “what”. (Gruber invented Markdown – others made it better.) It’s useful to read a little from other writers about “why”.

Google the terms, for more.

If you’re not writing text to export to HTML (for web publishing, blogging, etc.) or PDF, or for apps** such as Day One that are built around Markdown, then I would suggest moving on – Markdown and its relatives is probably irrelevant to you.

[size=85](** it’s just a word)[/size]

Thanks both Christian and Korm I agree that it is irrelevant for me at the moment. Cheers.