What feature is most "missed" by a newbie?

I get your point but still… it is such a powerful feature and I think it deserves a little more attention. :relaxed:

A document created by one of my frequently-used computer applications, such as Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel.

Maybe it’s been fixed since I tried DT. Late last year, if one clicked on a Word document imported into DT, it was read only.

Word documents are read-only inside the database because DEVONthink cannot be used to edit them. You need to use Open With to edit the document in Word or some other app that can edit it.

Yes, but the Evernote folks have solved that. You can store a Word document inside Evernote, but when you double click it in Evernote it opens in Word. When you save that Word document and close it, the updated version is right there in Evernote. It makes it really simple to use the Evernote database to manage projects that include various kinds of documents. And because the documents are actually stored in Evernote, it’s easy to use more than one computer (my desktop, and my laptop, for instance).

Evernote’s lack of hierarchy is really annoying, but this feature keeps me with Evernote nevertheless.

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Word (and any other) documents in DEVONthink can be opened in their external editor. Choose Open With in the Data menu or the contextual menu. To open immediately in the editor defined in macOS for that particular doc type (e.g., .docx) use the shift-command-O shortcut.

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how to start with templates and scripts? do you have a short tutorial (video) for these interesting features, or another good starting point for these interesing things?

They are both covered in the built-in Help and manual.

I’ve been using DTP for quite some time, yet somehow missed Workspaces. Thanks to the OP for posting the thread here, and for Tony2X for pointing out the not-so-obvious. Workspaces is brilliant, and a very easy way to switch between views and databases. The linked article helped with setup. Thanks!

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