What happend to my files?

What happened to my files?
I get database errors. Files are marked red. Sync no longer works. All files are no longer available?

I can’t drag these files into another database either.

Bildschirmfoto 2021-04-04 um 21.33.11

Preferences > General > Appearance > Mark duplicates and replicants in color

From help:

Mark duplicates and replicants in color: Check to highlight duplicates marked in blue and replicants marked in red in most views. When unchecked duplicates and replicants display an special icon to the right of a document’s name.

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Please be more specific; ideally post a screenshot of the error message you receive and what you are doing to trigger receiving that message.

The setting (iCloudKit) are all correct. However, it does not sync and I get an error in the database (which I reset yesterday). Last synch was yesterday. Repairing etc. does not solve the problem.

As a user, I realise, I just don’t want to have anything to do with it. Bildschirmfoto 2021-04-05 um 15.47.31

Ok; so you then did “repair”, at which point you will have received a further message telling you that the repair failed, if I understand you correctly. At that point an error message should be posted to the log providing more details on what went wrong. Please post that message too.

That is a pending file.

  • Is this on a machine where you’re just now importing this database?
    • If so, are you syncing another Mac?

No, I have a Mac with DT3 and an iPhone/iPad with DTTGO.
It still does not work. It simply no longer syncs. It is also only this one database. All the others work. Is there anywhere I can see what’s going wrong? A log or something similar. Error message is still that the same

As I said earlier on, a message will be posted to the log when you attempt to repair the database; it would be helpful to post that message. In case you are not aware, the log opens when you select “Log” from the “Window” menu in DT3.

Now i have this

Ok, but that is not the error which is being display when you attempt to repair your database. I can’t yet tell whether all your problems are interrelated.

What you have just posted is a problem which has been discussed numerous times in the forum (see here for example); they are sync errors which - for the time being - are independent of the database error you posted earlier.


  • follow the link I posted to deal with the sync error
  • do "überprüfen & reparieren* on your @Museum database and post the error which is logged to the log when you do so.