What happened to the Sorter Sound?

I liked the fact that I got audio feedback from Sorter when I dropped documents in the boxes (i.e. drop of water sound).

It no longer seems to be doing that. Is this going to be configurable? I cannot find where to turn it back on.


There will be a Sorter sound but many people disliked the current one, so we’re looking for a better one. Suggestions?

Personally, I think I’d prefer an existing OS X interface sound, rather than something new. I wasn’t that fond of the drop of water sound.

Mine. :slight_smile:

It was dt’s single best acoustic feature. Want it back.

I loved the water plunk sound. How about installing that in the sound directory, but making the sound file selectable for those that want something of their own? That would take care of everyone, I think. :slight_smile: