What happens at the end of the month?

Hi all,

I’ve a licence for DT Pro 1.x, and have installed the beta of DT Pro 2.
I see that the beta will expire at the end of the month…

What happens then?
I intend to upgrade, and indeed to consider going to the DT Pro Office version.

Is it the case that DT 2 versions will require a paid upgrade at that point, even if all the features of DT 2 are not yet implemented?
Or will another beta be released.

I’m just curious. It’d be nice to be informed about what’s going on. I wouldn’t like to be left without the application for any length of time.

Also, I see that the upgrade from DT Pro 1.x to DT Pro Office 2 is priced at 90 euro. I expect that an education discount can be used on such an upgrade?



Whether a second public beta will be released, or the final 2.0 version is released, there will be a release prior to the expiration of pb1. My personal guess (I haven’t asked Christian and Eric) is that it will be a 2.0 final release prior to 31 January, 2009; if so, the demo period will start anew.

Yes, educational discounts apply on upgrades.

At the end of the month we will release a new public beta which will, again, run for at least a month before it expires. And latest then, we will either again provide a new public beta or the final release. DEVONthink will, of course, not expire before a new release (public beta or final) is available on our Download page.