What I am missing ...

Hi there,
I did not read all the previous posts, here are the features, I am missing in DTTG (may be, I could not find out, how to do it):

  • a button for flagged (markierte) items on the first page!
  • a button for tags on the first page!
  • the inbox of the selected database is not synced when using Pro-version on desktop - only the global inbox?
  • deleting, moving and renaming files (will come, I read)
  • why is it not possible to edit a .rtf-file?

But a very good job anyway :smiley:
Kind regards, Christoph

Some of the items are truly missing (or have not been implemented for a reason). The inboxes of selected databases are never synced, only the Sync group. That is what it was designed for.

RTFs cannot be edited (like in almost any other iOS app) because iOS has no RTF editor. So simple :slight_smile:

Tags is a definite must!

This couldn’t be too hard to include, could it?

We’re working on a new sync process now that will help us support tags properly.

What is with moving files from one group to anoher. This would be very useful!


This is definitely planned, but it requires the new sync technology, which has just been released as a beta, see this blogpost.
Moving files between groups or databases should be available once the new sync leaves beta phase or shortly thereafter.

This sounds interesting, i am looking forward for this!

Thank you!

… and when it has been re-compiled for iOS, which is also harder than it sounds :slight_smile: