What is a .dtSparse databse? Is it backed up?

I am new to Devonthink pro and set up two databases to start, personal and research. In my database folder, there is Personal.dtBase2 and Research.dtSparse. When I back up my computer, the only database that backs up is Personal.dtBase2. Can someone help me understand if this is normal? If I restored the Personal database, would the research database return?

They are two separate databases and not related to each other.

The .dtSparse file is a disk image. If you are using Time Machine, it should be backed up if it is located on the drive that’s being backed up, just like any other file. (I just verified this here as well.)

I am using an online service called Backblaze, so the sparse file was not backed up. Are all secondary databases saved as a disk image? Is this common, or does it have to do with how I setup the other databases?

Backblaze takes or should take all files and you need to opt out from the directory in the settings for backup. Could be a Backblaze issue so contact them.

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I don’t know what a secondary database is.

Databases are either encrypted - i.e., stored in an encrypted disk image (.dtSparse file) - or unencrypted (.dtBase2 file).