What is "Add Link" under Format

Can anyone tell me what the Add Link is under the format command. I’ve basically figured out the other link commands (I think).

That allows you to select some text and associate a URL with it, to that the text becomes a clickable link (in rich text).

I think I get it. The ADD LINK works with web page URL’s and you can highlight a word like “feet” and then add the URL to this so that when you click it it takes you to your web page. Cool.

The Add Link… feature is even more powerful when used to construct links to documents in the database, pages in PDF documents, even links to tasks in OmniFocus, etc. Anywhere you can create a link, then you can use that link in a document with the Add Link… command. For some examples:

  1. Right-click on a document in the database and select Copy Item Link to make the link available to Add Link…

  2. Right-click on a page in a PDF document and select Copy Page Link to make the page link available to Add Link…

  3. Right-click on a folder, a project, or a task in OmniFocus and select Copy As Link to make the page link available to Add Link… in DEVONthink

  4. Right-click on an email in Mail.app and select Copy Message Url to make a link to the message available to Add Link… in DEVONthink

Very cool. If I did this correctly, all these elements you talked about ADD LINK to have to reside in DEVONthink so that the right click brings up the say copy page link item. That is, you can’t right click on a find folder and find this function. In this case again, you’d copy the folder into your Devonthink DB to link to it.

Am I understanding this right. It works fine if I do it the way I’ve presented.

The elements do not have to reside in the database, but that’s where I use it the most. The OmniFocus example above is an example where the element is not in the database. Anywhere you can copy something as a URL link, that can be used in a document in DEVONthink. Path Finder has the ability to copy a file path URL on any document (outside the DEVONthink database) to be used to create a link. Add the link in a DEVONthink database, and clicking on the link will open the document in the default application for that document.

I looked at Path Finder but I think I’ll do what you do and just put what I want to ADD LINK to such as a PDF page into DEVONThink. I find that very simple.

Thanks a lot for your help. :slight_smile: