What is an Outline-Group ?

I am on my way to dig into DTP and to plan the layout of my databas(es).

Well, there are “groups” and “intelligent groups” and their characteristics and differences are quite obvious.

I’m also able to create “outline-groups”. What about these groups ?
I learned that outline-groups have a checkbox, so they can be “checked” oder “unchecked”.

But what’s the benefit of this ? What makes outline-groups different to regular groups ?

Sorrry, but I coudn’t find anything in the manual.


Probably not the only (or best way) to use an outline, but I use the status boxes (checked or unchecked) to indicate whether I have read and extracted the relevant information from a document. I can also export the group to an OPML document to give myself an overview of my progress.

You can also import OPML documents which DT will use to create a group hierarchy, but I haven’t really messed with that.

When I started using DT, I originally had “Done” and “Not Done” groups, with lots of sub-groups by topic. That did not work well at all, I ended up splitting sub-groups as I finished documents, AI couldn’t figure out where to file things, I had two huge groups and lots of duplicate subgroups. The status boxes work much better. I can see immediately what I need to work on, and my filing system is much more logical.

Good Luck!

Thank you so far,

hmmm, the “done/not-done” thing is not so important for me.

Changing a database layout after beginning with the real work in it has always a big potential of lots of wasted work.

I just wanted to be sure, if there are other (maybe not so obvious or even hidden) features or abilities - other than indicating a checked-status - associated with outline-groups, that I should know before designing my database.

But as I understand you, there are no ones.