What is best sync method to have fastest app opening speed?

At the moment I sync my database to a local sync store which is in a Bittorrent folder that syncs with work. I sync the databases when I open and close DT.

The problem is the wait for the sync to take place. It puts me off wanting to open DT because I know it wont be instant and I have to wait for the sync.

So I wondered what would be the best sync schedule. Would an hourly sync suit my needs? I am reluctant to use hourly thinking that if I open DT for 30 mins, it wont sync, then over time I have this large difference between the local sync store. Its why I sync on open and close. But the time is offputting.

So just wondered if there is a working sync setup that means my DT will open instantly.

What about not showing the sync window, which is the main issue I suppose. So put that in the background, or dock it in the app? Can I do that? Not seeing the sync process will mean I think the app is open and ready to go right away.

Will an SSD speed this up? I have been considering upgrading my drive to a SSD.


What are your needs? Meaning - how often do you go from one synced machine to the other synced machine? Hourly? Once a daily? Monthly? I’d suggest the schedule that works is the one that fits your use pattern.

(Personally, I only sync manually because I’ve just trained myself to do the task when I need it. That’s just me, and not a suggestion for you.)

Local syncs are going to be extraordinarily fast compared to anything else. If you’re not willing to wait through the sync-on-open, the best option is to do what korm suggested and sync manually.

If you don’t mind, can you share some statistics about your database? Either an image, e.g. from Database Preferences, or just basic details (16GB, 14,328 PDFs, etc)? This will help me as I work on performance tuning for Sync 2.

I’m with korm on this one.

With manual syncing I am mainly worried if I dont sync, then I have a changed database on work, then a different changed database at home, and I want to try to avoid it, so I always work on the latest database. I dont know the details of DT sync to know if I dont need to worry about that. For example, if I make changes at home AND work for a week say, and then remember to sync on the weekend, is DT sync intelligent to sync it all OK, or will there be issues? Thats why I sync on open and close, to be sure its always up to date! But if a sync every x hours, days, weeks will handle it all, I dont need to sync on open and close. If I need a document I created in work earlier, I could manually sync to get it.

I regularly work on my database at home and the office, and on the same day, for example I come home to work and want to access my files and notes that I had earlier in the office.

The two main databases always open so always sync on open and close are as follows. They are not huge in size, but nevertheless the sync process is annoying, the pop up window.

Work Files 5029 files, 1.09Gb
Personal Files 485 files, 334Gb

For info, I use DT as a more powerful Finder app, I put all my files in DT instead of traditional folder in Finder. So not just for notes.

I have other databases, but dont open then often.

I think if DT can handle syncing different databases that may have independently changes already, then I dont need to sync on open, just every hour.

It would also be a big help if I can turn off the sync pop up (maybe have it docked bottom left corner?)? I am sure I can still use DT while its syncing but the pop up is a kind of barrier to do so, I always wait until its finished and gone.


There’s no other progress indicator for Sync, so it can’t be disabled at this time. Sync 2 is completely different and much less obtrusive.

Yes, unless you modified the same records on both ends – in which case you’ll have conflicts and you’ll lose the changes made by one side or the other.

Otherwise, it doesn’t matter.

Those are very small databases (in terms of number of records) – I’m surprised you have complaints about the delay introduced by sync-on-open.

Its not a huge delay, but DT takes some time to open aswell, the window that comes up saying loading plugins etc. So that combined with sync, just makes the opening of DT a time consuming app compared to other apps I use, its just a bit of a put off to want to open it.

I may not edit the same file, if I do I am likely to know that changes I made earlier are not there and so run a manual sync. I can remote access the work computer for worse case scenarios.

So I may give an hourly sync a try, see if it works OK.

Maybe I should run the app always, on startup, and minimised/hidden, so its quick to open. Thats the main issue, when I want to get a file or note, I just want it there instantly and not have to wait for it all to bootup!

I may get that SSD too, which should help.

Thanks a lot

I think this is a bad idea. It’s best to let a machine boot clean and open things as needed. Even if you decided to open ALL your apps on startup, you’re just delaying the availability of your machine for working. (Again, a delay.)

No offense intended but I am confused as to what the hurry is. All apps have a startup time, just as machines do. Nothing is “instant”. Seemingly, by your logic, you should keep your car running, the stove on, the shower running, etc.

I’m just busy and fast at using the computer, switching between apps often. So when working I have quite a few apps open, and switching between them for fast access, then when I need a file the interruption bothers me because DT is not open. So I either want it open already to avoid the delay, or I want it to open fast. For the latter, not having it sync (or have an invisible/background sync) would help.

I dont often shutdown the Mac, so startup is not too much of an issue. I upgraded my RAm to 16Gb so keeping apps open is not much of an issue.

Maybe I just need to change my habits and workflow. I often Quit apps, hence DT is closed. I am going to try to not Quit apps, and hide the app indicator in the dock (because that usually promots me to quit them!).

A few suggestions:

  1. Despite a good amount of RAM, an occasional machine reboot is a very good thing. At a minimum, once a week. (Remember, you probably get a rest on the weekends or in the evenings. Computers appreciate a break too. And though I’m speaking somewhat facetiously, I am serious about the benefit of the reboot. :wink: )

  2. Quit the apps you don’t actively need. Leave open the ones you do need. I leave DEVONthink running all the time (though I launch it myself, not on sytem startup) and switch between apps and Spaces all day long. But other apps, I fire up and quit as I need them.

  3. I also have a few databases that I am constantly working in and I close ones I don’t need all the time. No matter how much RAM you have, it’s better to have free RAM than to let unneeded data take resources.


Thanks for the tips. I do usually restart once a week or so.

I am going to try this for a faster access to DT

  1. Start DT on startup and hide (against your advice, but used to do it before and I do it in work - I think point 4 will mean it wont affect startup time)
  2. Turn off the dock indicator of open apps as it makes we want to close them
  3. Sync DT on startup and close OR sync every hour, or both, not sure which yet
  4. Schedule my mac to restart each night

So my Mac is always on for me and available, and so is DT when I need it fast.

I really look forward to an unobtrusive sync 2, because if I remember right even scheduling sync every hour means that pop appears