What is Debug Athena

I’m trying out DT and have tried to index the test database. The indexer has stopped and is asking to find an application named Debug Athena. Since I don’t have it on my system (and couldn’t find it online), the indexing fails.
Any thoughts or hints on what to do?

I have no idea what Debug Athena is. :slight_smile:

When File > Index or File > Import > Files & Folders is invoked and content to be captured is selected, DT Pro simply “chugs along” and will not stop and ask about a file type. Instead, files that cannot be captured are noted in the Log file. For example, if a PDF file is encrypted, so that DT Pro cannot capture the text, there’s a log entry that only the image was captured.

Once a recognized file type is captured into the database, it has already been indexed. You can’t tell DT Pro to index it again. So I’m confused about your comment about indexing an existing test database.

Just disable importing of scripts in the Import preferences - there’s probably a script on your system using “Debug Athena”.

Thanks, Christian. It must have been in a script somewhere.