What is 'DEVONquery' in DAPro's DMG?

Have just got DAPro and there is an additional item in the install DNG called DEVONquery. What is it for and where do I put it.

The app’s help has no info, and the support section at DT info and the forum here have no explanation. I tried running a DEVONAgent search for the term but that only found 3 irrelevant results.

I think the object may be a blank for those wishing to make customised plug-ins. But please could the website and/or the app help have at least some explanation as to what DEVONquery is so we can understand why it’s in the DMG and how/if we should use it.


It’s just a Dashboard widget.

Thanks. As ‘widget’ now gets used in other context’s like iBooks Author I think it worthwhile giving passing mention as to purpose somewhere in the Help. Anyway, my confusion is now resolved. Thanks again, Mark