What is in a dtcloud file?

I have a Local Sync Store that syncs 4 files, though I have synced a couple more sometimes. The dtcloud file is about the same size as the combined dtbase2 files, over 40gb. So, I’m curious, what Is in there and is there some other method of syncing that requires less overhead?


Bonjour syncing is the only method with no intermediary location. Other than that, no there is no option to sync with a smaller footprint.

  • Why are you using a local sync store?
  • What file type and size are these ”four files”?

Am I missing something here? Doesn’t a Local Sync Store use Bonjour?

The 4 files are dtBase2 files as you can see in this picture. I guess I should have said “databases”. One is 6gb, one is 24gb, one is 6.5gb and the last is 1.4gb.

Then the file 190929 Pro to Pro.dtCloud is almost 45gb.

No a local sync store doesn’t use Bonjour.
Bonjour is a machine-to-machine direct connection.

And how large is the Global Inbox according to File > Database Properties?

Global Inbox 1362 items, 187.4MB.

I don’t understand that, though, because there are only three items in the Inbox as seen below, comprising less than a couple of MB.

In any case, I guess I want to do my Backup through Bonjour. I thought that was what I was doing, but evidently not…

Can you tell me what I’m doing wrong?


Syncing is not a backup. If you have errors in your database that need recovery, those errors are propagated across the sync and so what you may want to recover will not be there.

Proper backup of your machine(s) is essential. Much guidance on how to setup backups (and test recovery, which is more important) can be found on this forum and elsewhere. I’ll not repeat all that to keep things simple.

Re setting up sync, rather than re-state everything again, just re-read and follow the instructions in the DEVONthink Handbook.