What is the best way to clip articles that you need to be logged in to view?

I want to clip all the things that I read into DT but many articles I read are on websites that would need a login to view them. What are some of the ways you use to clip these articles to DT or to save them some how?
Currently I use the chrome extensions like Reader View and use their save feature to save them as readable HTML docs.
I noticed that Joplin, EverNote, and OneNote often can clip things that DT can not.
But some websites are not clippable by anything.
Sometimes the Print Friendly and PDF extension works to save them to pdf.

Reasoning: I would like to clip these to be able to search them and use the AI to see similar things in my databases. I also like to keep track of the word counts and how many words I read each day to reach my reading goals. I also want to see a history of everything I have read and be able to find things I want to refer back to easily. So for example, maybe my goal is to read 3 thousand words per day at least related to some subject like the Solidarity Economy and Participatory Economics, I need to be able to be accountable and keep an accounting of my progress and outcomes. Automating this goal tracking might be helpful towards my goals. Also it would be good to have an account of how much time I spend on each item and subject, maybe there is a future integration with something like ActivityWatch.
I am trying to do this “quantified-self movement” tracking to reach goals more effectively.

What are some tips and ways to clip articles that may require a login? Any other tips that might help me?

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I noticed that Joplin, EverNote, and OneNote often can clip things that DT can not.
But some websites are not clippable by anything.

That is correct. Due to the ever-changing technologies employed by web designers, not all pages can be successfully clipped. You could browse the page in DEVONthink and clip it from there. This may have a better chance of capturing those problematic pages. There is no “clipping standard”. These things are developed independently and with their own solutions. Though our extension works in many instances, we have it on our list to enhance in the future.
(On a side note, Evernote has 300+ employees and millions of dollars in funding. We are a small development house, completely self-contained and funded through our sales alone. And at one point, I heard rumor they had at least 40 people working on the clipping extension technology.)

I would suggest adding a bookmark to DEVONthink, browsing and logging into the sites, and trying to clip within our application.


Thanks for the reply and solutions.
On another side-side note, I imagine that DT organization could scale faster and more effectively than Evernote if there was an Exit to Community (E2C) business model. This would be where all stakeholders, the users, and workers, and investors all share in the ownership and governance of the platform. I would suggest exploring this option. I would invest money and time for stake in the organization and probably countless others. It already has a strong community to exit to.
Also I am an E2C and solidarity cooperative enthusiast and exploring it myself as a business model for apps I want to build.

A good E2C primer just came out last month that should be very enlightening in this process.

Also the fairshares association multistakeholder (solidarity cooperative) business model is another interesting model to explore as part of an E2C.

DT would be a great community owned solidarity cooperative. I hope it can E2C someday.

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People above my pay grade would have to assess your comments.

  • IMHO it seems counter to basic business principles of ownership, intellectual property rights, the benefits of self-governance, and profitability, i.e., the basics of running your own business.

  • There exists a potential loss of focus and control over a suite of products built with dedication and care for 18+ years. (We are not “a startup”).

  • Also, business scaling is a very subjective subject. There is no singular model governing the plans and opinions on a subject like this.

Just my thoughts.


I have not found anything yet that SnagIt cannot clip.

I have not found anything yet that SnagIt cannot clip.

Can SnagIt clip content, or are you talking about just taking a screenshot of part of a web page?

The latter -I didn’t realize you are seeking “clutter free” clipping - that is no doubt much harder to find

I print to PDF and save to DEVONthink.

On MacOS you have a Print to DEVONthink option and on iOS you can print, open preview and Share to DEVONthink To Go.

I use either Safari when I research on sites that require a login.
Brave browser is another good alternative.
Does not work as well in Chrome and Firefox (newer version) for me.
Sometimes the bars don’t show. See note below.

Works most of the time
In Safari choose “Show Reader View” (It’s the 4 horizontal bars left of the URL).
Then clip to DT as a Markdown, Formatted Note or RTF.

You may not see the bars on some pages.
I clip to “Web Archive” instead.

Some paid sites implement security features to prevent content from being copied using apps.
A site I use with Reader View only captures a few paragraphs, and then adds text at the end to sign up for their subscription.
Others are built contrary to recommended web standards.

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Welcome @ChaseM
Have you also tried browsing and clipping that kind of site directly in DEVONthink?

I tried browsing in DEVONthink. Login and view the articles. Can I still clip while in DEVONthink browser? I use Convert to PDF. It didn’t work. The clipped PDF still show I need to login.

While browsing in DEVONthink capturing (not converting!) the currently viewed page as a PDF should usually work. See menu in navigation bar or Tools > Capture menu.

Thanks. It works!