What is the Downloads group in the Global Inbox?

It’s probably been there all along, but I just noticed the “Downloads” group in my Global Inbox today. It has a special down arrow in a circle icon, so I figure it’s special somehow. I can’t find any reference to it in docs or the forum here. How is this group supposed to be used?

There’s no such group in my Global Inbox. The icon looks like that superimposed on the Downloads folder in the system. Any chance you have dragged and dropped that folder to your inbox?

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That is because you used the Window > Download Manager and the Download tooptions are set to save to the Global Inbox.

Aha. The what now where? :crazy_face:

DT never ceases to amaze me; it just offers endless functionality :+1:t3:


Noting it’s a Pro and Server feature, check out Help > Documentation > Windows > Download Manager

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(Back from vacation–sorry for going radio-silent.)

Thanks for the thorough explanation. I had guessed that this was a feature that I’d accidentally turned on or used, and I was right. I’m really still very new to what DT can do for me, despite using for years off and on. I didn’t realize the Download Manager was as powerful as it is. I’d figured it was just a list of downloaded things, like you’d expect from the default “download managers” of Safari or Firefox. Instead (and I admit I haven’t fully read up yet) it seems like a really nice middle-of-the-road between that and a full-fledged web spider.

No worries.
We hope you had a good and relaxing vacation :slight_smile:

Have a couple of thoughts to help my workflow.

  1. I would love for the Downloads window to offer a way to drag the files downloaded from the window to where I want them (usually the current group). If the file was saved to a folder or to a DT3 group, I would like to have it moved/copied using standard hotkeys just as if I was to go into the folder and find the object (i.e. treat the Download Window object as a handle for the original file)
  2. I would like the option of Download To > Any Group in any database. That way I can setup the downloads to go in batch and just drop into a specific group.

Nothing important or urgent, just some thoughts from finishing up the last project where I had a lot of downloads to organize and they might help some other people some day. I’m sure I will be using this feature again… and I find myself needing to always move from Downloads either in current database or the Global Inbox, when most of the time, I want to save the Web Archive and the download right in the current Group where I am located.

Thank you.

Have you considered trying to use smart rules for this?

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