What is the DT Tab on my desktop for exactly?

After installing DTPO, I now have a little DevonThink tab in the upper left of my desktop. If I select it, it is a grid of squares, with one saying Inbox, and instructions to drag items there. I get what that is. What is the 9 square grid for? Is there any value in using this tab thing to drag/drop vs. just dragging something down to the tray onto the DT icon there?

It’s called the Sorter. There’s information about it in the Upgrader’s Guide and in online Help.

The Global Inbox isn’t active in public beta 1. But you can drag the Inbox or a group from any of your databases into an empty pigeonhole. Content dragged into such a location will be sent to the appropriate database Inbox or group. If the database isn’t open at that time, the added content will be sent to the database next time it’s opened.

The Sorter can be moved to the right side of the screen, if desired. To do that, grab it and “swoop” it upwards and to the right.

Cool… I was thinking of using multiple databases eventually and this would allow me to easily move documents to any of them without having them all open. WIll check it out.

And doesn’t appear to be active in public beta 2 either :frowning:

Any idea when it will be activated? Having a Global Inbox will be great.

I really must invest a bit more time in getting to grips with DTPO - there must be a huge number of functions that I just don’t have a clue about.

OK, I see that I can drag the Inbox from any of my databases into an empty cell in the Sorter, and I can do this for several databases. But then the Sorter cells are all labeled “Inbox”! How do I tell which databases they correspond to?

Can I edit the grid labels used in Sorter, or maybe use different icons for each database?

Ah, OK, I solved this myself. I opened a database and changed the label of the Inbox there, then dragged it onto the Sorter. That way I get a distinct label for each database inbox.

(I verified that the renamed “Inbox” still works as an Inbox by dragging from another database and dropping it on the open database name in the sidebar. I renamed it something like MyDB.Inbox so I wouldn’t forget its purpose.)

And I see that the “icon” is used to show items waiting in the Sorter until the database is opened. NOT to identify the target. But that’s probably a better design that what I had in mind. :smiley:

With public beta 2, I’m able to resize the grid with holding left top most box.

Btw, do you know how to delete or re-link the left top most box?
It’s linked with deleted database, and i’m not able to re-link with the inbox of current DB.

Command-Drag an Inbox out of the Sorter to remove it.

Another Inbox or group can then be dragged into the slot.