What is the point of the iPhone integration?

So I just went through the video tutorial and it worked great, I can now access my database with my iPhone, which is cool.

But then I realized something. I appear to only be able to access it when I’m within range of my local network. And when I’m within range, that means I could just use my laptop. Why would I ever want or need to use my iPhone?

This would be very cool if it synced so I could access this information away from my computer, but then the data would need to be stored resident on the iPhone and that would take up a chunk of space.

Just not sure I’m seeing the point of this beyond the cool factor. Am I missing something?

You can set up the database as an Internet web server using port forwarding/mapping in your router. I can access the database anywhere I have 3G or Wi-Fi. This is not in the YouTube video but in the PDF manual here:

devon-technologies.com/suppo … ation.html

Using the manual above and the YouTube video I was able to get an awesome setup that I’m using now. I am also implementing MobileMe Back to My Mac so that I can access my DEVONthink web serve/computer from any computer connected to the Internet using screen sharing

It’s all about mobility and cloud sync. That’s the big push with all these iPhone and Ajax web browser applications (Google, MobileMe, etc). It’s a completely different way of working. It’s the iPhone way really. The fight among software companies is no longer on the desktop but in the cloud.

See my mini-review and setup here:


The data is not stored locally on the iPhone. It resides on on your DEVONthink web server just like any other website.

as I commented on on the DT youtube video:

I was wondering the same and I would much prefer having the option to store selected data on my iPhone and to edit/create new entries offline.

But maybe you are not interested in creating an iPhone app, which is ok, but in that case: could you update the export-to-iPod/Phone option in DT, which at the moment does not seem to work with the iPhone 3G/iPod Touch?
Sometimes it would really be very useful to read some of the material from DT while offline…