What is the quickest way to Open a PDF in DT3 on my iPad for annotation (without using DT To Go)?

What is the quickest way to open a PDF document in Devonthink on my Mac and annotate it on my iPad? I am looking for a method that doesn’t require using a separate app like Devonthink ToGo on my iPad.

My current workflow is:

  1. In DT3, right-click the PDF and choose “Open in Finder”
  2. Use spacebar to invoke Quick Look
  3. Click the Markup icon to open the document on my iPad

Is there an easier way to do this from directly within DT3, rather than having to go to the Finder first?
I am specifically looking for a quick method for when I am sitting in front of my computer, so waiting for a file to sync from DT3 via CloudKit and then opening it in DT To Go is not an option (too slow and I don’t like the annotation tools in DT3 very much).

Probably many ways … keep the PDF’s of interest in a Dropbox folder (which syncs quickly and quickly on change) and index into DEVONthink. On iPad, access the files via Apple’s Files app or the Dropbox app (or whatever PDF tool you use) and do your thing.

Right click on PDF, select “Open With” and you have the list of compatible programs.

And if you have enabled “Double-click opens document externally” in Configuration → General, well, double click will open PDF in your default PDF viewer. I have set PDF Expert as defaul, because macOS Preview is full of bugs.

Edit: this works both for indexed files and for normal files inside DT database.

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Thank you for the responses. I should have made my question clearer. I am asking whether there is a way to directly invoke the Continuity Markup feature from within the DT3 app, without having to go to the Finder or Preview app.

AFAIK, no, there isn’t.