What is this, under Preferences:Editing?

Under DEVONthink Preferences:Editing, there’s the following “Template”:

Looks like it should have something to do with time / date stamping, but how do you make it work?


ps - there’s a chance this may be specific to DT Pro. If so, my apologies for posting in the wrong place.

Looks related to the Wiki-Templates listed in DT Pro’s ReadMe file.

Both DN 1.1 and DT PE/Pro 1.9 will provide this preference.

OK, my bad for not reading the ReadMe in a couple of weeks…  :-/

But, now, how do you USE it?!?

I created a RTFD document, pasted in a bunch of the templates from the ReadMe file, and they remain just tags. How do you get them to replace? And are the time/date templates supposed change everytime you access the document, or are they replaced just once?

FYI, under preferences, I have: WikiLinks Automatic, Don’t Link to Groups, Open New Groups in Separate Windows all checked.

BTW, since this is unavailable in current public releases, this thread should probably be moved elsewhere.


These are Wiki templates, not document templates. To use them, create a rich text, enter some text (e.g. “my test link”), select this text, apply “Format > Make Link”, click on the link => a new document will be created using the template (assuming that there’s no item titled “my test link” in the database)