What is your solution for bookmark usage?

I am a new user of DEVONAgent/Think, so if I’m looking over something obvious I apologize. I’m quite enamored of the applications so far and I’m attempting to streamline some usage.

I like DEVONAgents browser quite a bit. The main reasons I would prefer to use it as my default browser are quicker access to the searching engine and the obvious and strong interaction with DEVONThink. One weakness it seems to me is a lack of interaction with organizing my bookmarks. While I can import them from my Safari setup, I can’t modify or add to them from the drawer. While DEVONThink certainly imports and allows organization of bookmarks, accessing them puts me a step or screen away from my current workspace.

I’ve seen this problem discussed in several other posts, along with many stating that they are using DEVONAgent as their primary browser. My question to you is, what workaround or process do you use to remedy this shortcoming, if you see it as such? Is the archive appropriately used as a bookmark dump? Are people using URL Manager in conjunction with DAgent (noticing the applescript)? Some opinions would be useful.

The problem with using a tool as powerful as the DEVON combo (if you want to call it a problem :laughing: ) is I have the desire to access the information and work with it, from the very area I process it. So DEVON gives me the ability to have a browser or receive RSS feeds. But then I want those items to work as well as the “outside” alternatives to make my parsing and thinking just as seamless. I think that’s pretty hard from a developer perspective, but a natural desire from a user.

Yep! I have a default “Inbox” and from there I send URLs to other groups of stuff

I hadn’t really thought about the ApplesScriptability of these apps

Time to look into this!

I’m partial to WebnoteHappy.

You should, there’s an Applescript that comes right with DEVONAgent.

WebnoteHappy looks pretty nice. Thanks for the tip.