What Kind of Sync Would Be Best?

I have downloaded DDTG to use to read PDFs from Devonthink on my ipad. I am hoping to open them while I have access to internet, highlight pieces of them while away from the internet, and then return to internet and hopefully sync them with highlights in some way back into Devonthink on my computer. (Related but possibly not pertinent, most of the PDFs are indexed from a location on my Mac hard drive - thru Zotero.zotfile plug in.) I have read about the various possible syncing methods, and I wonder whether what I’m asking Devonthink to do is possible, and, if so, which syncing method to use. Thank you!

Every sync option is able to handle this. Bonjour synchronizes only if the iPad and the computer are in the same network but is the fastest option.

and more reliable than either CloudKit or the older iCloud option, according to reports in the forum.

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Thank you so much! After reading the manual I was going to use Icloud, but now I think that I will try Bonjour!

As an addendum to the manual…