What Markdown version is supported?

Does Markdown in Devonthink support all features in the current published Markdown specification?

Look at this example of a beatiful output of Markdown text:

The raw Markdown content can be found here:


But in Devonthink the emojis and other formatting details are absent or changed - why is this?

DEVONthink uses MultiMarkdown 6.x which doesn’t support this (yet). As far as I known this is a Markdown extension introduced by github and one of Markdown’s shortcomings is indeed that there’s no official specification.

I get the sense that in the long-term CommonMark will emerge as the standard - any chance of supporting that?

Among other reasons, you have noted the popularity of Discourse as evidenced by this Forum. Discourse has been a strong force in advancing the use of Markdown - and they clearly support the CommonMark standard.


It looks like the lowest common demoninator, at least I couldn’t find any support for such emojis in the spec.

Agreed - I cannot find it either.

So perhaps my question should instead be whether Devonthink plans to support emojis when depicting documents?

We’ll consider this for upcoming releases.

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Actually beta 4 will already support it.


I get the sense that in the long-term CommonMark will emerge as the standard…

I would not get this sense from everything I’m reading. There are plenty of Markdown flavors and MultiMarkdown is really seen as the successor to Gruber’s original work.

ok fair enough

Thanks for the info and clarification about Beta 4

I just discovered that DTTG seems not to support MD emoji. This works on MAC but not in DTTG. Is it WAI?

Slack style emoji isn’t a Markdown convention. DEVONthink on the Mac has support specifically for it. However, Markdown documents support unicode characters so you can add emoji with the emoji keyboard or Character palette.

This was created in DEVONthink To Go and viewed in DEVONthink…

Thanks for insights. Would be a “nice to have” in the future to have them supported in DTTG as well - it is really convenient to type them.