What’s in cache and how do I delete it?

I’ve got 71 MB in DT Pro’s cache. Didn’t even know DT Pro HAD a cache, can’t find any command to clear it. Before I do so manually, want to make sure I’m not about to lose data.

What’s in the cache and how do I keep it cleared?

The cache files can be safely removed, either manually or using a utility such as AppleJack or several others such as C*ocktail or (as I recall) OnyX - by removing all user cache files.

But those cache files tend to speed up a number of processes by ‘collecting’ a data setup so that it’s available when called for.

If you have a large disk drive, it’s probably worth keeping the cache files available.

But if you periodically wish to clean out all cache files in your user directory to get rid of any that may have been possibly corrupted, that’s OK. I do that every few months or at least once a year.

The penalty will be a bit slower operation once in a while if your application needs to recreate a cache file for future operations.