What search terms are possible?

This may be the most daft post in which case I apologise in advance - but I cannot find any info on this;

What “search term” capability does Devonthink ToGo have? I cannot find any detailed guide.

I want to know what kind of searches I can type into the Search Box?

Does it only accept a single term, or can I use AND, OR etc.

I have searched the forums, looked for any user guides, and tried various search term combinations, but get such mixed results I cannot work out any logical pattern.


At this point, the search in DEVONthink To Go does a fairly basic check to see if the search term is contained in the name or the fulltext of a document. More advanced operators, such as AND and OR, are not currently supported, though I’ll make a note so we can consider them in the future.

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Thanks for the answer Jhjelle, but I am slightly disappointed to say the least…

I don’t mean to be overly critical, but if DTTG can only accept a single search term, then that is about as much good as a chocolate teapot…

It’s a very expensive App, and unless I’m misunderstanding something, offers almost nothing above what Dropbox (free) or Goodreader (inexpensive) offer.

I am very impressed with DTpro office, and DApro, but now feel somewhat cheated by DTTG. I bought DTTG purely because the Mac software is excellent.

I sincerely hope some useful search functionality is a matter of priority.

I’ll add my support for “more advanced search terms” such as AND.

(Had to hold my sides as I typed that one; but maybe it does represent a formidable technical hurdle?)

I use DTTG on iOS and DTP on Mac for virtually all my data. I thought moving off EverNote, SimpleNote, yada yada yada, for my personal notes made sense. Just my own notes now constitute more than 9,000 tidbits (according to the Mobile Sync of my Notes package with no Duplicates).

The primitive search in DTTG – one term – renders it much less useful than it could \ ideally would be.

I’m glad to have the info in DT on the desktop, and glad to have it all with me. Yet, without something like the AND operator to mediate even these simple text notes, finding the right info on the go remains quite a challenge that the device surely could
address with more speed and finesse than my scrolling endlessly through grossly parsed matches.

I can only agree to what the writers above said:
I really would appreciate quite more sophisticated search options in DTTG. I was shocked when I first used DTTG for searching my database content. I just had a glance at Evernote to learn that working with advanced operators is possible in iOS apps. Thus, please bring the search experience of DT to DTTG as well!


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I’m evaluating DT Pro Office and DA Pro and believe I will find them quite useful. I was about to purchase the DTTG app for my iPad when I came across this thread while doing my due diligence and I agree with the other posters. The ability to do boolean searches would make the app compelling. Another compellingly useful feature would be the ability to access a DEVONsphere server plug-in.

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