What To Do With Old Data

Just updated to DTTG 2.0 and am extremely happy to see it. So far it looks very polished and a huge step up from DTTG 1.

The app converted the existing data that I had on it from quite awhile ago. I haven’t used DTTG for a long time due to some data loss and switching apps. I would like to keep the data I have on my iPad just in case, and go through it later to see if it is in my existing databases.

I’m not sure of the best way to go about this. I have not set up any new synchronization yet until I decide what to do with the existing data. I see that I can create a new database in DTTG, and am thinking to do so and move all existing data over there. Would that be the best way? Any precautions I should note before I do so?

There is nothing to preserve as DTTG2 has replaced DTTG1.

I was hoping to keep the existing data from my iOS app and sync it back to my Mac, but not with any existing databases. I was thinking an Archive database that I can go through at a later time to ensure that all of the data on DTTG is on my Mac in some way.

I had possible data loss awhile back and it is possible that some of that data might be on DTTG but not on my Mac. Also, my Mac databases have changed a lot since the last time I synced with DTTG. So I would like to start my sync with “fresh” data from the Mac, but somehow archive the existing DTTG data before I do so. Is that possible?

Again, no since DTTG2 replaced version 1. However, there is no need for what you are wanting to do as whatever data was in DTTG1 was converted into a DTTG2 database. What was in 1 is now in 2.

I think I have figured this out. Still getting my head around how the syncing works.

I just selected all of the items in the database on DTTG and moved them to a newly created Archive database. That should do the trick.

The reason for this is I may not have synced each device I have prior to possibly losing data. My iPad database is 260 MB while my iPhone database is about 800 MB. I just need to sort them out before I sync them with my other databases.

Everything looks great so far, sync seems to be in progress.