What to expect in the future?

Hey Guys,

I’m thinking about buying an iPad 2, for note-taking and viewing PDFs. My current workflow consists of using almost only DTPO rather than Finder for all my files I work with. I have to use tons of PDFs, even fast switching between various PDFs and my notes. I have DTTG on my iPhone and the only use for it is that I can see what I wrote and for few PDFs.

Question is: In how far can DTTG for the iPad fulfill my needs (in the future)?

What I would need (compared to what I see in the iPhone version) is

better PDF support. See iBooks for features I currently miss. Interactive table of contents, preview pages, fast switching to a specific page, save my last position. Furthermore, annotations would be nice, but that’s actually not part of my workflow.
tabbed browsing. I have to switch a lot between different documents that are in different groups. So tabbed browsing would be essential for me to use DTTG at all. Right now, I would have to leave the document, change the group, use the next document an go back to my PDF, where I have to scroll 100 pages now, because my last position is not saved.
RTF writing support. I know this lays in Apple’s hands, but just for the sake of completeness

Are those planned features for future releases?

Thanks a lot!

We’re going to be looking into options for better PDF viewing soon. Right now we’re using the viewer provided by the OS, but as you’ve noticed, it’s pretty basic.

I’ll add this to our list of feature requests.

If we were able to save your last position in PDFs, would using the “Recent Items” group be a sufficient workaround? Alternatively, would a group designed for the purpose of containing a few items that you often switch between work for you?

Just trying to consider other options that might also solve the problem. :slight_smile:

Not a problem; I’ll also add this to our list to see what we can do.

Thanks for the reply.

It would work, but really just as a temporary workaround. Real tabbed browsing will be far more convenient.

Agreed 100%

I have to say to Berndt that DTG on the iPad is a very usable product. OK so we do need better PDF support and so on but the additional power of the iPad really makes this a serious business application as, say, opposed to using DTG on the iPhone.

I like the iPad and DTG combination a lot.