What triggers Simplified Formatting warning?

When I attempt to edit some documents on my iPad/iPhone which were created on my Mac, I get a warning that “this document contains formatting that cannot be edited on this device. You can choose to edit a duplicate with simplified formatting or cancel to continue viewing the document.”

What formatting in the original causes this warning? I’d like to avoid that in the future.

Same question here, exactly the same.

Would be better to have an editable text on the iPad as well, such as in EverNote for ex.

/ bw Omar K N

See this thread: devonthink to go won't edit word .rtf files

As a suggestion, you’ll likely get quicker responses to DEVONthink To Go questions if posted in the DEVONthink To Go forums. I suspect that the DTTG programmer does not spend much, if any, time browsing the DEVONthink Mac forums.