What view(s) do you use in DEVONthink?

I use 'em all. List/Widescreen for reading, List/Standard for note taking in Markdown, Screenflow for browsing PDFs. I tend to use Icon View only to look at my indexed stock photo libraries.

Did you and @SlickSlack vote?

Almost right away!

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Yes. I clicked all 4 boxes.

Thanks for participating. :slight_smile:

I use colums and close the sidebar. This way with keys I can ‘walk’ through my database with the hierarchical tag structure I made. Apart from the list view with the results of a search I spent most of my time in this column setup.

Below the columsview is a view of the selected note.

Yep, same here.

Still would love a good icon view option. For me, I have a lot of images. Navigating using Lists makes sense. But… if I click on a folder while in List view… I still somehow expect an icon view of contents of the folder in the view pane. I don’t know what triggers that in me, but in any case I would like it…

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There’s a hidden preference

Copy this link and open it in Safari



Ohmigod Pete, thank you so much!


Almost exclusively Navigate, List, Widescreen, with the inspectors column also open on the right (so a “4-column” format). One of the advantages of having a 27" screen is plenty of real estate. But then I always tend to use a “list-type” view, such as in the Finder, Music, TV, etc., probably as a result of being left-brained.

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If I use icon view, which I would like really, I can’t see what I have because of the truncation of the names. I don’t know if there is a solution for that? I am used to list view and I sometimes put up the preview panel. I have a 16 inch now and frankly probably in a year or so will go AirBook so it would be handy to stretch the views a bit.

I have always used List with Widescreen. I turn off the sidebar because I like to see groups and items intermixed. I also like navigating into groups by expanding them in the list view (using the open/close triangle) – this way I have have multiple groups open at once.

Navigate, List, Standard,

I’e just tried Widescreen but not for me, despite having 27" iMac

Never use Coverflow (not in any other app either)

Thank you – that has made my life a lot better.

@BLUEFROG I wish this was not a HIDDEN preference – I stumbled on this completely by accident and had no idea the option existed. The DT manual is very large, and you don’t always know what you are looking for until you find it. It is my personal view, of course, but this would seem like a sufficiently useful option to make it a standard part of the preferences. There must be some rationale for keeping the preference hidden, and I find myself wondering what that might be.

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