What will there be in DevonThink Pro / Office v. 3 ?

I read here and there that DevonTechnologies would be preparing a major update for DevonThink by the end of this year 2016. Though I am happy with the current software, which privileges robustness, functions and integrity to more cosmetic and flashy properties, there would be an amount of new features I could imagine, to make DevonThink even more unique, also replacing my current project manager or tasks software, for instance.

As a faithful customer, I would like to know a bit what’s in the boiler, what are the new major features we can expect for v. 3. Who knows, that may make me patient, and avoid spending a few dozen euros on other single-function softwares, which DT 3 could replace. And even if I bought an upgrade to DT Office this month, it wouldn’t prevent me from supporting financially DT again. Three major upgrades in a decade is not abusing the customer with paid upgrades, as other brands do. And only a few softwares have given me such a big amount of services in the past years.

So, tell us a bit, Eric…

I’m not sure where you read this, but it’s incorrect.

Yup, we won’t release any major upgrades in 2016 anymore.

DEVONthink 3.0 will be the most amazing piece of software ever. Here are some of the new features!

  • Sync has been removed, replaced by a kitchen sink, with which you can launder your documents of bad formatting.
  • It is no longer limited to organizing the documents in your life. DEVONthink can now manage your entire life. All your belongings can be indexed or imported into your database, allowing you to find extra space in your closets. However, the current development versions sometimes lose socks from your database.
  • The AI is now much smarter, and is probably smarter than you are. As such, when you search for things, it will return what you really needed instead of what you asked for. Note: Please do not import any weapons in case the AI turns against humanity.

@alanshutko: How did you find out? Spot on! :mrgreen:

Our actual company name is Cyberdyne Systems. Deep in the code, the AI is called, oddly enough, SkyNet. :laughing:

(And to anyone with no sense of humor, apologies!) :mrgreen:

Does anyone still fell happy with using DropBox or iCloud as their platform?

I feel like a preacher :wink: - even if this is just jokes - the most important - stay in control of your own information. I don´t really feel a need for a DTPO 3 but I assume that the market wants changes and the developers need money to continue to develop.

After the new DTTG I am just extremely happy that “I played on the right horse”.

Devonthink is a future system working great already today, and I would not be surprised if Apple bought DevonThink in a whim (hope not!).

Great system - and with the new iOS app it is even greater. I will still support as much as I can by upgrading since DevonThink did not choose the alley of subscriptions.

PS Bought a new scanner, IX500 two days ago and Apple already made it work with Sierra.

Basil, what do you mean that Apple made it (ix500) work with Sierra? ScanSnap has put out a warning that the PDF aspect of their manager causes their scans to be corrupted. I keep checking their site for an upgrade but haven’t found it yet.

I bought an ix500, have done about 50 scans and since to work perfect! Downloaded new software from Fujitsu.

I notice the OP has not given the source of his assertation and that always makes we wonder about authenticity of any claim. It always amazes me how rumours get started and I am reminded of the various British wartime posters “Careless Talk Costs Lives” when the Government was so worried about spying that they spent a lot of money on these advertising campaigns. They also used rumours to “fool” German intelligence by starting false claims which they hoped would be believed in the German High Command. I only hope that Basil Fawlty’s remark that he, “would not be surprised if Apple bought DevonThink” does not result in it soon being asserted as fact by the rumour-mongers! :wink:

Hmmm, I think @BasilFawlty (not the OP, BTW) was just musing “what if…”

So do I but I was just pointing out that such musings are often repeated as “certainties” by people who should know better or are simply being mischievous; it is a favourite tactic of some tabloid newspapers who like nothing more than the phrase “It is being said that…” and then standing back and watch the nonsence grow. I am not for one moment suggesting that Basil Fawlty was doing any such thing—he is far too responsible a person to do this and he was, as you say, just musing—apologies if I gave an impression to the contrary.

It appears the software bugs do not affect you since your ScanSnap and supporting software is new.

Here’s a link to the ScanSnap blog about the software issues.

scansnapcommunity.com/features/1 … os-sierra/

They seem to have fixed one of the problems. The remaining one pertains to older PDFs from previous versions on the ScanSnap manager not working in Sierra.

Thanks Alan.

I am really happy with DTP as it is.

There could be just some interface improvement in the toolbar for writing note, for instance. But this is a minor request.

The main issues I have is with DT To Go, which is not synchronizing completely one of my databases, and not at all some others. And also, I find it pretty clumsy to take notes within DTTG the formatting options and other options are really basic. I would love to have a DTTG that could compete with Evernote in terms of interface…

Apart from that, happy with DTP.

We believe ours is far more beautiful already. :smiley:

Agreed! But it is a little machiavellian of the OP to initially say, “I read here and there that DevonTechnologies would be preparing a major update for DevonThink by the end of this year 2016” and then say what he wants to see in this non-existent update!