What's the behavior of sync supposed to be w/ local indexed folders on one machine only?

Do you still have all that indexed data in the database?

I think so… honestly I’m a bit confused, but I didn’t do anything after attempting to sync my laptop w/ it’s 2 local synced folders and 2 dropbox folders.

I guess I’d like to start over going by what you suggested–putting everything in the database, and possibly indexing only the dropbox folder and not any local folders, but not sure how to do this w/o causing a mess. where’s the undo button? :slight_smile:

Quit DEVONthink (and you may need to press Command-Q at least twice).

Then do this…
2. In the Finder, press Command-Shift-G and paste: ~/Library/Preferences
3. Copy the com.devon-technologies.think3.plist to your Desktop.
4. Open /Applications/Utilities/Terminal.app and paste: defaults delete com.devon-technologies.think3 and press Return.
5. Type: exit , press Return and quit Terminal.

Were you using the Global Inbox or a separate database?

thanks for all the help… do you mean to do this on the desktop (the one that’s spinning?) I now see it’s still uploading files (3229 of 12365 and going slow)… my laptop where I first started w/ DT seems to be ok, not uploading or downloading, but i def. dont want the files from desktop on here and I dont want the files from here on desktop… I think it’s a global inbox as I didn’t create a new database on the desktop, the first thing I did was sync to laptop…

when i try this, i get the response: not found, defaults not changed

I unlinked my local folders and now only have 2 indexed folders on dropbox and will start figuring out which files i’ll move into the database. Seems I’m synced now via CloudKit… question though, if I move my files into the database, and I’m traveling and lose access to my laptop, is there a way to get to my files? one advantage of indexing dropbox is that I can access it via several other means and I worry that i may lose access if everything is in DT.

What do you mean by this?

put them in the trash, emptied trash (only unlinking from database)…